21 July 2022 | General

Rebuild efforts underway for Camaro, Pacer from Townsville smash

BOTH cars involved in the unfortunate crash during the most recent round of the Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters Series will be repaired. 

That’s the word from Whiteline Racing and Cameron Tilley Racing, who have both commenced the process of piecing back together the cars damaged in the unfortunate accident at Turn 3, in the final race of the Townsville event.

Both the Whiteline Racing 1969 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Michael Almond and the Anglomoil Valiant Pacer of Cameron Tilley were extensively damaged in the final race when a brake failure saw Almond’s Camaro slam into the back of the Valiant at Turn 3.

At Whiteline Racing, major work on the Camaro is already underway in South Australia.

“It’s on the rack and we are working on it,” said Whiteline team boss Bob Middleton.

“One whole side of the car will be replaced as well as front guards, bonnet and more. Woody (Ian Woodward, who owns the similar Cameron McConville-driven Camaro) has sent lots of panels from Queensland, and we have other bits coming from Melbourne.

“Fortunately, the engine, gearbox and driveline are all good. We pulled the heads off to check valve springs and all are okay. One of the extractors had a bit of belting but otherwise, it’s all okay.  

“We had only just repaired the damage from Sydney Motorsport Park and when we put it all back together it will be completely resprayed,” he concluded.

The team expects to have it repaired in time for the fourth round of the series, set for Sandown on September 16-18.

The job for Tilley, however, is expected to take longer, though the rebuild of the ever-popular Pacer has commenced. 

The Valiant is already on a chassis rack, however Tilley is restricted in attention to repairing it.

“I put in two 12-hour days pulling it apart last weekend to assess what we have to repair and replace,” he said.

“The damage is mainly behind the C-pillar and included panels, rear beaver, guards, wheel arches, rear suspension, fuel cell, pumps etc. The driveline appeared undamaged.”

Tilley has already secured a half-shell from Bendigo however time remains the biggest issue, with the rebuild needing to slot in alongside his busy car restoration, service and race preparation business in the Northern beaches of Sydney. 

“When I was hit it was like a bomb went off . . . it is the worse that it has ever been,” he reflected.  

“It has to be done properly and not just a patch up. When I give away racing, I want to be able look at an intact car in great condition.

“There were no surprises, it is a lot of work, but can certainly be repaired.

“There is a huge list of parts required to piece the Pacer back together once repairs & painting have been completed.”

Tilley launched a Go Fund Me account to enable fans to support the rebuild, with the link available here.

The campaign has already received more than 50 donations, totaling more than $3,000.

“I find it a little uncomfortable doing this with everything that’s going on in the world, but thank you also to the many people that have already helped out.”

The next round of the Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters Series is set for Sandown Raceway on September 16-18.