20 October 2021 | General

Raw horsepower – how TCM engines are built

Iconic Australian publication Street Machine has delved into the process of piecing together a Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters powerplant.

Available to read on their official website now, the feature from their March 2021 issue profiles well-known engine builder Steve Makarios, who via business Synergy Race Engines has probably built more TCM winning engines than anyone else.

While featuring the build of a 351 Windsor engine for Cam Mason’s Ford Mustang, Makarios has built a host of winning Touring Car Masters engines throughout the years’ the category has existed.

The fascinating feature is a deep-dive into what it takes to build a 700-horsepower engine, and how much the powerplants have improved over the years.

“We did our first engine around 2012-13, which made 640hp, and we’ve built about 16 TCM engines since then,” Makarios told Street Machine.

“We dyno-tested the last one and it made 738hp and 540lb-ft. We’ve done a lot of them, and we keep improving.”

Check out the full feature and some stunning images of a freshly-built Ford Windsor engine, by clicking here.