12 October 2021 | General

NASCAR fan reacts to TCM racing!

WHAT would happen if an American Muscle Car fan got into the Gulf Western Touring Car Masters? Well, we’ve got the answer.

US-based YouTuber iWroker – his real name is Ian – posts ‘reaction’ videos where viewers can join along in his own experience watching back fun or interesting races.

This week he has discovered the joys of TCM, posting a video of him watching the 2017 battle between Steve Johnson, John Bowe and Adam Bressington at Mount Panorama.

There’s lots of fun moments as Ian discovers what makes TCM so cool, especially the moment when he realises exactly what Cameron Tilley’s big blue machine was!

IWroker is also a massive Holden Torana fan so he loved the in-car with John Bowe as he battled Bressington’s Camaro.

It’s a fun video with an international perspective – if one with a similar Muscle Car culture as here – on TCM and well worth a watch!