7 June 2021 | General

Finding the fans favourite TCM machine

AS much as we love the drivers behind the wheel, to many fans the real stars of the Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters Series are the cars themselves.

A massive array of high-powered, loud, often sideways muscle cars from the 1960s, 1970s and now the 1980s makes for a superb show every time they hit the track.

To find out just which of the stunning TCM field stands as the most popular, we went to the series’ Facebook fanbase to find out from the source.

We’ve set up an elimination-style competition between the Top 16 runners in the championship at the series’ half-way point, with fans casting their votes for their favourite car day by day, as the field is whittled down to a final pair and a winner-take-all finale’.

The first round of eliminations has been completed, taking 16 cars and turning them into 8 after a series of head-to-head contests.

Cars were drawn at random before being lined up head-to-head – fans then able to vote via the Facebook reactions button with either a ‘Thumbs Up’ or a ‘Heart’ to pick their favourite.

And boy, did people pick – more than 5,950 votes were cast across the two week period.

It’s produced some interesting results so far – here’s how it has played out as we head into the semi-finals.

ROUND 1 – Andrew Fisher’s Falcon GTHO vs Jim Pollicina’s Torana A9X

IT WAS a Holden vs Ford battle to kick things off, and it was the mighty Falcon GTHO that took the victory with 481 votes to 175 for the Torana. Pollicina only made his debut in the Torana at Sydney Motorsport Park – he raced a four-door version beforehand – but in this instance the Blue Oval fans voted with their feet for the shaker scoop and the Jesus Falcon.

ROUND 2 – Steven Johnson’s XD Falcon vs Gerard McLeod’s Commodore

TWO of the newest cars in TCM faced off in an all 1980s battle in Round 2, with the not unexpected result seeing things fall the way of the the three-time champion Johnson. His 704-345 victory over McLeod was comprehensive, though this round also saw more votes than any other in the competition to date. The result is the XD Falcon moves on to the semi’s.

ROUND 3 –  Tony Karanfilovski’s Boss Mustang vs Ryal Harris’ Chevrolet Camaro

AN all Pony Car battle in Round 3 saw the ever popular Tony Karanfilovski’s stunning Boss Mustang beat out Ryal Harris’ equally superb Camaro, 437-155. With Mustang ‘Sally’ on the sidelines for the moment, there’s a battle for Mustang supremacy in TCM these days and this was an early shot across the bows from the ever-enthusiastic and fast Sydneysider.

ROUND 4 – Jamie Tilley’s Ford Mustang vs Adam Bressington’s Chevrolet Camaro

ANOTHER win for Ford in the fourth round, but this time it was the classic Mustang from Tilley Racing that beat out the Whiteline Racing Camaro driven this year by Adam Garwood and now, Adam Bressington. the 360-170 result was, however, quite competitive but in the end it was the classic shape of the older Ford that got home first.

ROUND 5 – Mark King’s Chevrolet Camaro vs John Bowe’s Holden Torana

A WIN for Bowe, a five-time TCM champion, was not a massive surprise however the 452-267 result showcased just how loved the Whiteline Racing ’69 Camaro – the TCM car with more starts than any other – really is. However this was a win for the GM brigade and Bowe goes into the Semi’s.

ROUND 6 – Marcus Zukanovic’s XD Falcon vs Jeremy Gray’s Ford Capri Perana

TWO XD Falcons make it into the Semi Final’s and the round of eight thanks to a 548-251 result for the Melbournian and his white Falcon – the first of its kind to win a TCM race. Having said that, Gray’s potent Capri drew a lot of love which mirrors his continued rise to prominence as a regular TCM contender.

ROUND 7 – Cameron Mason’s Ford Mustang TransAm vs Peter Burnitt’s Holden Torana

UNFORTUNATELY for Pete Burnitt, someone had to come across Cam Mason’s stunning Mustang in this contest and in this instance, it was he. The stunning Moffat Brut Mustang tribute has been much loved since it made its TCM debut several seasons ago and the results here showcase the fact: with 606 votes, only Johnson’s Falcon received more love in this round.

ROUND 8 – Cameron Tilley’s Valliant Pacer vs Ryan Hansford’s Holden Torana

IN THE same way someone had to face Mason’s Mustang, the same could be said for whoever had to face up against the mighty Valiant Pacer driven so well by Cameron Tilley. And for all his success and fan appeal, even Ryan Hansford couldn’t topple the blue Chrysler product in Round 1 of the contest with a 568-302 victory going the way of the man from Sydney.


The next round will see some fascinating contests.

Andrew Fisher’s GTHO will take on Tony Karanfilovski’s Mustang in Semi Final 1, while Semi 2 will see Johnson’s Falcon take on Jamey Tilley’s Mustang.

On the other side of the ledger, John Bowe’s Torana goes head to head with the Cam Mason Mustang, before Marcus Zukanovic takes on the ever-popular Pacer.

Cast your vote for your favourite car by heading to the TCM Facebook page this week!