Bathurst 1000

2018 Round 7 - October 4-7, NSW



Oct 5, 2017

THEY’RE one and two in the championship and true to form it was John Bowe and Adam Bressington one and two in practice today at Mount Panorama.

Bowe’s 2m18.9127s lap set to top practice two usurped Bressington’s 2m19.6731s benchmark that stood at the end of the first session, the pair ending the day in that order.

Revelling in perfect conditions and temperatures hovering in the mid 20s, Bowe’s lap was 0.7 seconds behind the existing pole record – also held by Bowe – and only 0.3 seconds behind the race lap record.

Bressington topped the first session, run earlier in the morning on a slower and green race track.

Ryan Hansford was third fastest overall, his 2m20.1176s lap slotting him in behind Bressington and just in front of fellow title contender Steven Johnson.

The Multispares Torana enjoyed a solid day despite running off the road at the chase in the first session, prior to hitting traffic and slowing a potentially quicker lap.

Johnson’s quiet day netted him a solid fourth place, while teenager Adam Garwood was a stout fifth on the combined times in his Holden Torana.

Though he was a winner before, Garwood was a breakout star of last year’s Bathurst round when he stormed through the field driving a Ford Capri Perana.

His pace has continued to develop across the last twelve months with his 2m20.53s lap placing him third on the road in the second session.

Eddie Abelnica was sixth in the Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars XB Falcon, despite battling rev limit issues in practice one earlier this morning.

Jim Richards was seventh overall in the Shannons Insurance Falcon Sprint, while Tony Karanfilovski slotted into eighth overall in the TIFS Mustang.

The Sydney driver was one spot in front of the returning Brad Tilley and his Falcon GTHO.

The popular Sydneysider – a cult hero to many TCM fans – returned to the track in his iconic Green Falcon today following a two-year rebuild.

Having raced a Ford Mustang in the intervening period, Tilley adapted quickly to the Falcon’s very different driving style to post competitive times in both sessions today

Andrew Fisher completed the top-10 in the Jesus Racing XY GTHO, returning to the track this weekend with a brand-new engine powering his still-new car.   

Bruce Williams’ AC Delco Torana just missed the top 10, but 11th overall was a solid return to the track despite enduring several engine issues throughout the day.

Today’s two 20-minute practice sessions ran mostly trouble-free, however there was no chance of the category escaping a traditional Bathurst hard-luck story.

In his freshly-rebuilt XB GT Hardtop Falcon, Keith Kassulke was only one lap into the first practice session when he turned into the left-hand corner just before McPhillamy Park.

Unfortunately, the Falcon refused to turn with either a tyre issue or a mechanical failure thought to blame.

The car made hefty contact with the wall and spun across the circuit, stopping in the runoff area on the left of the circuit adjacent to the McPhillamy Park gates.

Kassulke was unhurt in the incident, however the Falcon will again require significant repairs before again returning to the track.

Porsche runners Rohan Little and Sven Burchartz also endured dramas; Little in the pits with oil leaking from his 911 IROC Challenge car in practice two, while Burchartz failed to log a time in his sister entry.

A simple Saturday for TCM will see the cars hit the track for qualifying bright and early in the morning at 8:10am for qualifying – with the first race not set to run until Saturday morning.


Pos Car  Competitor/Team                Driver                   Vehicle              Cap   CL          Fastest...Lap        Gap

1    18  Wilson Security / PAYCE        John Bowe (VIC)          Holden  Torana SL/R  5047c             P2  2:18.8127* 
2    95  Whiteline Racing / Fabre Austr Adam Bressington (NSW)   Chevrolet Camaro SS  5800c             P1  2:19.6731  0:00.8604
3     6  Multispares Racing             Ryan Hansford (QLD)      Holden  Torana SL/R  5000c             P1  2:20.1176  0:01.3049
4    17  Synergy Race Engines           Steve Johnson (QLD)      1971 Ford Falcon XY  5800              P2  2:20.2311  0:01.4184
5    12  Giraffe Civil Contracting      Adam Garwood (TAS)       Holden  Torana A9X   5000c             P2  2:20.5315  0:01.7188
6    48  Melbourne's Cheapest Cars      Eddie Abelnica (VIC)     Ford Falcon XB Coupe 5800c             P1  2:21.0906  0:02.2779
7     2  Shannons Insurance             Jim Richards (VIC)       Ford Falcon Sprint   5000c             P2  2:22.1865  0:03.3738
8    88  TIFS - Warehousing & Distribut Tony Karanfilovski (NSW) Ford Mustang Trans A 5800c             P1  2:22.6185  0:03.8058
9    28  Speedgas / Tilley Auto Garage  Brad Tilley (NSW)        Ford Falcon XY GT HO 5800c             P2  2:22.8215  0:04.0088
10    9  Jesus Racing                   Andrew Fisher (NSW)      Ford Falcon XY GT HO 5800c             P1  2:23.1042  0:04.2915
11    5  ACDelco                        Bruce Williams (VIC)     Holden  Torana SL/R  5000c             P2  2:23.1961  0:04.3834
12   85  Whiteline Racing / King Spring Mark King (QLD)          Holden  Monaro GTS C 5800c             P2  2:23.3801  0:04.5674
13   25  Maxi-Trans Trailers            Paul Freestone (VIC)     Chevrolet Camaro     5800c             P2  2:24.2353  0:05.4226
14    3  Hercules Engines / Lucky's Hot Cameron Mason (NSW)      Ford Mustang Fastbac 5000c             P2  2:24.3962  0:05.5835
15   74  Lyndways Builders              Wayne Mercer (VIC)       Ford Falcon XY GTHO  5800c             P2  2:24.6221  0:05.8094
16    4  Skye Sands                     Rusty French (VIC)       Ford Mustang Fastbac 5800c             P1  2:26.3936  0:07.5809
17   52  Outbound Racing / Keith Kassulke (QLD)     Ford Falcon XB Coupe 5800c             P1  2:26.6948  0:07.8821
18    8  Lady Luck Racing               Terry Lawlor (NSW)       Ford Mustang         5000c             P1  2:27.4359  0:08.6232
19   72  GFR Industries                 Geoff Fane (QLD)         Chevrolet Camaro SS  5800c             P2  2:28.4968  0:09.6841
20   46  THD Motorsport                 Leo Tobin (VIC)          Ford Boss Mustang    5000c             P2  2:29.4379  0:10.6252
21   97  Johns Furniture Removals       Allen Boughen (QLD)      Mercury Comet        4736c             P1  2:29.4701  0:10.6574
22   11  Vic Roads Custom Plates / Cast Melinda Price (VIC)      Ford Falcon XA GT    5800c             P2  2:31.0250  0:12.2123
23   19  Tincone Industrial Services    Darren Beale (QLD)       Holden  Monaro GTS C 5800c             P2  2:36.3947  0:17.5820
24   91  Performance 9 / Werks Garage   Stan Adler (QLD)         Porsche 911 IROC     3600c             P2  2:42.3190  0:23.5063
25    7  Wisely Motorsport              Bob Wisely (QLD)         Holden  Torana A9X   5000c             P1  2:43.8078  0:24.9951
26   77  Red Rock Winery / Werks Garage Rohan Little (VIC)       Porsche 911 IROC     3600c             P2  2:47.9751  0:29.1624
27    1  Hawk Brake Pads                Dave Roberts (USA)       Chevrolet Camaro SS  5800c             P2  2:48.9342  0:30.1215




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